Monday, September 06, 2010

Get Ready for SEMAA

SEMAA 2010
The first Seminar of AeSI Alumni Association (AeSIAA), SEMAA-2010, is being jointly organized by the Bangalore chapter of the Aeronautical Society of India.

Theme of the seminar is “Technological Challenges in Indian Aeronautics”.

The subject matter would be deliberated through invited talks by the eminent scientists, researchers and practitioners from both the public and the private sectors of the Indian aerospace industry. This seminar aims to provide awareness and encouragement to the young professionals working in various national aeronautical establishments and to engineering students.
The subsequent editions of SEMAA would also provide a platform for the alumnus as well as students of AeSI to share their expertise and innovations through contributory papers.
Who can attend the seminar?
  • From the professional fields – Engineers, scientists from R&D organizations, Defense services & establishments,  public sector companies, private companies and engineering institutions.
  • From the academic fields – Scientists, Researchers and students from AeSI/educational institutions.

And if you are in Section B, you can attend it free. Check the website for more details 

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