Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You can have anything you want!!

Read this lines and immediately thought of sharing it with you all.

"You can have anything you want. You can't have everything you want,
and if you try for everything, you probably won't get anything."

That's how things work. You can have anything but you can't have
everything you want. Choices always come into the picture?

Do I study for the next hour or go see the movie?

Do I attend that class or study for myself?

Do I learn cad or analysis tool? Do I take cfd or fem? Do I learn UG
or catia? Do I spend an hour on nastran or ansys?

You might want to learn everything? But you will prosper and do well
if you choose one!!

So choose, apply some constraints and be a star !!

If you try for one thing, you will definitely get everything !!

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