Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two ways to add value.

Seth Godin, my fav blogger recently had a great post in his blog about
questions and answers.

To paraphase him, he says you can add value to any situation by either
knowing the correct answers or by asking the correct questions.

So true. From classrooms to board meetings, it applies everywhere.

Knowing all the answers might take time and experience to built, but
you can start now by asking questions.

So in your next class, add value by asking questions to the lecturer.
In your training, ask questions to your mentor. In the next meeting,
don't just sit quite, ask a question.

Every question, every answer adds value.

A quick note to all Gliding competition enthusiasts :

Registration for glider competitions are ending on 30th Septermber, so
hurry and register.

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