Thursday, September 16, 2010

Constraints and how they can help you?

Having choices is good, but when choices become abandant, you need
constraints to be productive.

Good contraints give rise to worthy challenges, and worthy challenges
give rise to success, whatever be the endevour.

Say for example your resume, you have done lot of projects, you have
good skills and your experience is varied. But if you want to have an
effective resume, you need the constraint of brief resume. Constraint
of just having 2 pages.

This constraint will help you think and put only the relevant details
in your resume. This constraint will make you decide what is worth and
what is not.

Likewise, if you constraint yourself by choosing only one base book
for a subject, you become consistent in your terminigy of that
subject, you build concepts faster and your studies are more
productive than if you had several books to hop around.

Constrainting yourself to one tool is another way of being good. If
you don't put that constraint, it's more likely that when you are
stuck at one tutorial of ansys, you mind will want to wonder to the
tutorial on nastran.

But if you have just chosen to work with one tool, you know you have
no other choice and you will dig into your problem more earnestly!!

Constraints are good, if you see yourself deviating from your semester
goals and targets, apply this concept of constraints!!

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