Friday, September 10, 2010

One Option

While travelling to office today, this thought popped up.

If I had the option of Reading just one blog, what blog would it be?

Just as soon as the question popped up, I knew my answer.

If I had this same question during my aesi days, I know my answer. And
it is this answer that I want to recommend to everyone studying for

If you have to read just one blog, then if you are a student, dig into
the archieves of studyhack at

I came to know about this website when I was out of aesi, but as I
read it, I found i used so many of it's ideas in my aesi days. My only
regret is that I wasn't consistent!!

The site is an enormous resource to be a remarkable student. So if you
are a student I highly recommend it.

Just like everything, the size and shape might not match, every idea
might not be practical for you, but just read and see what sticks with

Apply what gels with you and be a star!!

Good luck!!

Remember the gem for students is in the archives. So dig in

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