Monday, March 01, 2010

4 tips to help you cook your studies well

In the last post, I talked about how giving time to the food cooks it well. I discussed why this technique works and I encouraged you to apply it in your studies.

Here in this second post, I will give four tips that can help you to have stress free and enjoyable study experience.

So lets begin....

A. Set up a minimum no of hour of study. Keep it low. Keep a number such that you have no difficulty doing it everyday. The last point is the key. Miss or fail to comply with it, and you have wasted your time on this post.

B. After the study. Let the information sink. Don't just keep adding ingredints. After the minimum hour of study, let the book rest. But latter when you are doing some mundane job or walking towards the tea shop, recall the  information. See it from another angle. Use your imagination to visualize what you read about.

C. If possible discuss what you studied with your peers, amaze them with something that you found interesting. Turn the theory into some practical insight and share that insight.

Did you know first machine to turn chemical/thermal energy to mechanical energy was a gun! Recently a friend who is revising thermodynamics shared this with me.

D. Have lot of mixed activities in your life. Begin a small project. Explore something that is in news. Like MNIK, IPL or the hockey world cup etc. The point is to completely think of something else.

In student life you should have a varied mix of stuff to do. This increases your sharpness and you are exposed to varied sources of input which can stimulate your imagination further.

Apply this few tips in your study life, they are bound to increase your productivity in studies and make your life more interesting.

Please do let me know what works for you and what doesn't!!

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