Sunday, March 07, 2010

Are you learning at least one programming language?

Whatever stream you are in? Whatever subject you are reading, studying
and devouring? Whatever be your interests?

If you plan to be in an engineering domain and specially in aerospace
domain then at least learn one programming language.

Yes AT LEAST learn one programming language. The main point is you
should have a knack of how to write a program. You should know how to
solve a given problem.

Choose whatever language that is available to you, but do it anyways.
Choose whatever programming language that you can easily have your
hands on. It doesn't matter.

What matters is that you should have the ability to write peograms if
need be.

You see, you are and will be a knowledge worker. In whatever job you
land up eventually, computers will be your primary tools. And
programming and knowing how to program in one particular languge is
one skill that will always come in handy to you.

So decide one programming language today and get going.

That's what will help your work done in future!!

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aerospace domain by clicking this link

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