Thursday, March 11, 2010

How racing against time can help you learn catia better?

Racing again time is the most effective technique that you can apply
to your study or in learning a new software tool like catia, ansys,
hypermesh etc or computer language.

Constraining the limited amount of time you can work, you create a
positive pressure on your brain to learn and do the same task quickly.

It's like compressor of a gas turbine. The higher the pressure ratio
the higher will be the thrust or output. So constraining, limiting and
putting a chain around the task pushes your mind to a zone where it's
more creative and it does accomplish much more.

It's far far better to study for one hour with single minded focus
than chipping on the the book for the whole day hardly taking anything
in. It's far better to crack two tutorials of a software of Catia or
ansys in an hour than tinkering with the software for the whole day.
It's far better to practice ten input output related simple programs
than thinking whole day about your next big program.

The point is put time constraint in your work, study and everything
you do and you will see that you are doing better.

And what more you are gaining few extra hours in a day.

This blog post was also an exercise in the power of constraint.

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