Sunday, March 21, 2010

My biggest mistakes in AeSI as a student

We all make mistakes. Some small, some big, some significant, some
trivial, but if we learning something from them then they are all worth.

Here In this series of post I will present some of my biggest mistakes
of my AeSI days!

1. Once I skipped exams thinking I am not prepared well. It was
flights paper and I thought I was not ready and I skipped the exam on
last moment and then paid the punishment for it for two more semester.

2. Not studying by the syllabus book. Again in flight I studied
everything that was taught in class, I had all the notes, I studied
from Anderson, kermode, and all other books and when I went to the
exam hall, I saw 30 percentage of question coming out of syllabus. I
cursed aesi.

And when I come home and tried verify any claim of outside of syllabus
question paper I saw how untrue that was. Those questions came from
the topics that were listed in the syllabus book. I was shocked that
some of the questions came from topics that were listed in the very
first line of syllabus.

3. Another big mistake that i did was I stopped following a teacher. I
thought he is not teaching well and I stopped attending his clases.
This didn't improve my studies but it nose dived the discipline of the

As the tutor rolled over, I deterioted in that subject.

This were my biggest mistakes as an aesi student. I will keep this
theme alive and will post more on my other mistakes.

Well this were mine,now tell me about your biggest mistake in society?

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