Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How AeSI trainees can improve their chances of getting a job?

5 very specific things that all guys in training can do to improve
your changes of getting a job.

Update and upload your keyword rich but brief resume on a job
websites. Be brief and use specific keywords. Once the call comes send
in your full blown but optimised resume for the interview call.

Survey the job portal. See the jobs posting there and answer to
yourself honestly which is the most likely job that you can get with
your current skills in the resume. Answer this truthfully and half of
your job worries are over. Its not about what you want, it's about
what the Market has in offer for you. So decide this first!

Once you have found the job you likely fit in. Grab a book of the
topic that is the most sought after skill required by that
requirement. Start studying it one hour a day every day from that day
onward. Modifying your resume, sending your resume are tasks that you
will eventually do but first make a commitment to yourself to be
knowledgeable in the specific skill that is required.

Now optimise your resume for that specific job. Go through your
projects and skills and find connections to the job you are studying
for. If you find a project that has a connection, optimize it
otherwise nuke the project from your resume.

Same goes for skills. If it adds value to the requirement keep it or
else nuke it. Kill it. Treat your resume as telegrams. Do keep only
the stuff that is relevant and that matters.

Research the conpany and make a good unique cover letter to accompany
the resume. Highlight your skills relevant to the job.

Last of all send the resume to the firm direct. Find an email address
to send and send it direct. That's it.

If you can accomplish all these steps, you are few steps closure to
your job!!

Good luck

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