Friday, March 05, 2010

Walk-ins and how to make sure you don't return without an interview?

This post is about one thing that you can do immediately to your
resume to increase your chances of getting an interview call.

From all the resume I have seen, I find that we all work on varied
different projects. From CFD meshing, to code writing to
solidmodelling , to optimization.

And in an eagar jeal to get the attention of the recruiter we cram the
resume with all those work and projects. We proudly display
everything, from small to big, in our resumes.

And to make the matter worse, we paste a generic career objective to
the resume!

This confuses the recruiter. This throws the HR off balance. Not
knowing where you fit, which job is for you is a matter of his/her
thought and this is where you loose the interview.

This is why in a walk-in, the HR looks at your resume and asks you to
keep it with them and they will call you latter! And the call never

Your resume, complete in all respect but lacks the focus and this
forms a hurdle to your getting to the interview table.

So make your resume razor sharp.

Declare what kind of job you want. If CFD is your target job profile,
mention it in your objective statement. If CFD is the work you want to
do, highlight your CFD tools and skills rather than fortran. If CFD is
what you want to get into then highlight and make your resume CFD
rich!! Keep your target skills, projects and experiences first!!

Don't dilute your skills, experience and projects by mentioning
everything at onces.

This is the one thing that you can immediately apply to your resume to
stop coming back from a walkin without an interview!!

What are you waiting for, go make the changes!!

And good luck!!

Please forward it to your friends who might use this information to
their advantages!!

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