Thursday, March 04, 2010

Constraints and how they can help you?

Some of my days are very productive, some are so lazy. Some are just

I set out to identify what is it that is different on my productive
days from the non productive days.

This post is the result of two things that I noticed in my pursuit.

Constaints and planning ahead.

Planning ahead was easy to pin. My most productive days were those in
which I did plan the day ahead the previous night. They days were much
more focussed if I defined the broad work I wanted to do. Whenever I
shuned that habit and didn't plan the day, my day was just a jumble of
tasks that came under firefighting and pure waste.

The other thing I noticed was setting a time constraint on the task I
need to do. I specified the minimum hour of time that I will devote to
a task. Like if I had to write a report in office, I constrainted
myself that I will do it after lunch for 1 hour and try to complete as
much as I can. This simple one hour constaints increased the focus and
concentrattion that I brought to that work.

Instead of chipping on the report for all day, I concentrated all the
effort in one focused hours and this not only left me lot of time to
do other things but made the report writing more challenging.

So what can you learn from this. In your training, in your studies, in
your life you too can apply this two universal principals. They work
and can make a great difference in your life if you can successfully
internalize this two as habits in your life.

All I can say is the earlier you begin, the better.

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