Friday, March 19, 2010

How to use your mobile for studying?

Its simple!!

Use The stopwatch to surface and build challenges for you. Make a
topic exciting by using a timer and forcing to read the whole chapter
in a specific number of minutes.

If your mobile has recording facitily record the facts of the things
you studied and listen to them when you are in a bus or away from

Quick question and recall method can be daily done on a mobile. When
ever you read a new topic, make quick question for it in your mobile
notes and use them to review what you study when you have nothing else
to do. Like waiting for your girlfriend at the bus stop or waiting for
your class to begin.

There are many more, just employe your imagination and open up to this
fact that your mobile can be more than it is today.

Your circumstance and your make of the mobile model will spring lot of
facinating things for you!!

Do try this and Do tell me how are you using your mobile?

Please do share with us your stories!


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