Friday, March 12, 2010

How to grow confidence? 3 simple steps AeSI students and graduates can take!

Confidence comes from doing stuff? Confidence comes from climbing the
small hills? Confidence comes from the knowledge that you can do the
Work you are assigned to.

No one is born confident. Everyone acquire it.

Recently I received a mail from someone who is working in nal after
his graduation since 2008. His mail is an epitome of non confidence.

Don't want to judge someone from his one email, but I think he needs a
serious jolt and a big dose of confidence!

Buddy no one can instill confidence in you, no medicine can induce it,
no tonic can add it, you need to grow it yourself.

I was shy and still am when it comes to speaking in groups, but now
with this blog and many other online and offline things I have enough
confidence to speak up when it matters.

What should you do to increase your confidence?

Set small goals.
Accomplish them, celebrate them. Unless you try and fail and then
retry and pass. You will never gain confidence. Everyone try, fail and
suck in the job before they master it.

Read books. Instead of tv radio or cricket, read books. Read from a
lot variety of places. Read blogs. Reading opens up lots of
opportunities, it expands your horizon and stimulates your imagination.

Have a passionate creative habby! Create things, stuff or something.
It might be useful or otherwise but create something.

And I mean have a CREATIVE hobby. Listening song is not a creative
hobby, writing songs is. Seeing cricket is not a creative hobby,
playing it is. Reading blogs is not a creative hobby, writing one is.
So choose a CREATIVE hobby!

This week I will explore some specific techniques that I applied while
I was in nal to increase my confidence, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile search myaesi for more advice on doing well in and after aesi.


And while you are at it, you can wish me happy birthday!! :) as it's
my birthday today ;)

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