Monday, March 22, 2010


A couple of days back I read the following text somewhere and I
collected it as text file for my quotes log that I am keeping.

It has a great point and if we can understand this we can greatly
improve our performance in study and job.

"The key to getting better is consistency of effort…not consistency
of results. Consistency of effort leads to growth which leads to
consistency of results."

Yes be consistent in your efforts. Not consistent in your results.
That will follow. But aim to be consistent in efforts.

Consistent in studying for two hours per day, consistent in doing
catia, ansys tutorial one hour per day, consistent in learning fortran
or VBA, one hour per day.

This is the consistency of effort. Putting in the time. Tearing
yourself from an IPL match to put in that agreed hour. Gluing yourself
to the hypermesh tool for that extra out of work time.

Endevour to be consistent in your efforts.

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