Monday, March 15, 2010

Software language that cad modellers ansys analyst and CDF's guys should start learning.

If you are reading the blog for long then you will know I advocate
learning at least one computer language. I strongly recommend that
whatever be your field, your stream, you should at least learn one
compter language.

So in this post I want to explore the computer language that people in
specific streams of domain of work can learn. The suggestion are not
hard and fast. They are just general directions, you are free to
choose whatever excites you.

If you know what language you want to learn, that's great. But I am
writing this for anyone who is undecided.

Computer Languages that I will recommend.


Inclusion of excel as part of computer language might be a surprise
but I will explain it.

In the next post this week, I will elaborate some merits and demerits
of learning each of the mentioned language!

Well what are the languages you are learning? Do write in your comments.

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