Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Iteration and why your resume needs one!

Remember iteration and if you need a pointer then look at google! It
does this with all it's products.

From orkut, gmail, gmaps, talk, chrome etc. Google launches the
product once the tool is ready in the barebone form. Then it does
repeated iterations to incrementally update and improve it's products!!

You need to do the same with your resume, it's can never be perfect
and it will never finish. So upload and start using the first barebone
document you have. But always do incremental iteration to it. Improve

Nuke some projects, update the objective statements, add details,
increase skill related keywords. Do whatever that you can do but
iterrate and improve.

This is the only way you can take advantage of a resume. A resume
locked in your mail is of no value, a resume waiting to be perfect is
useless. So don't worry about the details. Post it and improve it!!

First launch then iterate. This is the stategy that will help you!

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