Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why a Free Python Workshop for AeSI

Someone whom I shall call Mr Z, emailed me his profile. I saw the attached resume and realised, he is mint fresh from AeSI. So kept his resume with a mind of asking his resume after another 3 months so i can forward it to my contacts for any opportunity.

After, 3 months, emailed Mr Z to resend me his updated resume and I got a resume, which had some little formatting changes but none other changes. On enquiry he responded he is learning a design software and didn't put it there.

3 Months without a skill added astounded me!

I don't know about now, but when I was in this stage this was my rapid skill adoption period. What's the new norm now, i wondered?

Credit to Mr Z, he was not sitting ideal, but the velocity of skill gain is slow for the time we live in.

And another thing to note was the focus on only one skill. Well design is what he wants, that is great but this isn't a transferable skill. This skill takes time and is specific to a particular kind of work. So along with this technical skill he needs to think about building some transferrable skills, like speaking, writing, presentation skills, general programming or mastering common office tools.

Technical skills are like screw drivers, just meant for screws, while transferrable skills are like knife, more general and have wide applicability. This gap in the knowledge of the transferrable skills led me to launch the free python workshop for AeSI.

Python is powerful general purpose language and I think every person who calls him an engineer should know this. Weather you work in design, analysis or performance, skills in one programming language can take you a long way.

VBA, C, Fortran are good start but knowing python as the language will have wide advantages. Its cross platform and its batteries included nature, gives you lot from a little effort.

And as far as a transferable skill is concerned, it can fit any job or task that you might encounter in your work and non-work life.

So that's the intention of the Free Python Workshop. A getting started in Python so as to equip AeSI students and graduates a lifelong transferable skill that can be applied in all the jobs

So if Mr. Z is reading this, pleases register, you are the reason for the workshop.

Please visit the page http://sukhbinder.wordpress.com/workshop for the brief writeup on the workshop and to http://python4aesi.doattend.com for registering for the workshop!

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