Saturday, November 22, 2014

15 Tips for EXAM PREPARATION by Mr Rahul Verma

 All of you are preparing for your exams and most of you are left with three or less papers in sec b, so this may be your last semester of AeSI exams. Next sem most of you will complete your degree.

I know these are the most tensed moments for a society student when he has last semester to complete section B. Question keeps roaming in mind “will I be able to clear the degree this time or not?” What if any of one paper is left? “Again I will have to waste one more sem”

Most of the students start losing their confidence due to peer pressure. And even they are good in knowledge and worked hard full of sem, they fail in one or more papers.


Try to keep grip on your confidence, I’d tell you few thing that I did and helped me in my last sem of sec B.I will be very happy if it may help you:

1) Just keep in mind: jo bhi karna hai, jitna bhi tension lena hai, bas es sem hi lena hai...etni mehnat krni h ki next sem exam na likhna pade.

2) Plan breaks during your studies, use your most of the time for your preparation by avoiding tiredness.

3) It will be excellent if every day you can write test on previously asked question papers, if yes then do it for all the three subjects every day and mark your mistakes. If you do it for ten days continuously just before your exams then you will get solid confidence and good chances for clearing the papers.

4) Plan your syllabus and write chapter-wise tests on theory and numerical portion for each chapter. Do it in such a way so that most of the things/things where you are weak will get covered in your test.

5) Collect the things on one separate note that you need to revise frequently. List out all the formulas equations and important diagrams use minimum words and use symbols and drawing pictures to minimize the words. It will help you to revise faster.

6) For example if you usually forget the formula to be used in exam then write one test on the formulas only, it may look foolish but later after exam you will find how useful it was.

7) Complete your revision few days before the exams anyhow and plan for writing the test and correction self.

8) Divide your day in to two halves, in one prepare the questions and revise the theory and in second half write the test on the chapter/s you decided earlier.

9) It will boost your self confidence and you will be able to identify where usually you do mistakes in exam.

10) Just circle your mistakes with red pen and write the correction in front of them.

11) In case if you have two or more exams continuously then mix the questions from all those subjects in your question paper and write a detailed test. It will be proved very helpful in exam if you could do this.

12) Now before your exams you need not to revise full syllabus, you can revise most of the things by reviewing your test papers itself.

13) Post the formulas short notes in your room wall, bathroom, and toilet or in kitchen so that you can utilize your time most wisely and efficiently.

14) Keep your weekly and daily plan right in front of you where you sit to study. Write those things on board that you need to do later to avoid missing them.

15) If you have any of your idea or experience please share it so that it can help others.

Thank you.


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