Monday, December 08, 2014

5 Master Tips for Effective Interview

Interview by listening this word many of us get scared....Aren't you...?

Interview is not a only one way process .It's a two way process...There is nothing to get scared ..its just like a formal talk which we have to do with official person.

It's does not matter weather you are having interview for job ,for relation ship or for anything but there are several things which holds good for all.

So here it goes,
  1. Before going to interview make some homework .in case you are going for job interview have a look on company website,if it is for relation than look on social media sites this will give you many idea about the insight of the person/organization.
  2. 1st check it out what you had mentioned in your resume ,CV or bio data. maximum of the question will be asked from that be confident what you are providing .
  3. Don't only just listen and answer .Take active part in the conversation .It's not like that you have to satisfy their criteria but your should also be comfortable with the way they work.the way they treat their employees .ask about anything whatever you want to know .If you ask question based upon your research ,they will feel that you are really very serious as well as interested and you got a plus point over other candidates.
  4. after having interview thank them honestly .
  5. send them a hand written thank you note and also do mention that what you like the most in conversation .
If you have any other tips than please share with us in comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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