Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Find the Creative Leader in you.

"The role of a Creative Leader is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they're valued."

It's human tendency that whenever we talk about being a leader, so many students often relate this with professional terms such as "Team Leader" in an organization or may be "Politician". However the real meaning of a leader and thus leadership is far ahead of the basic terminologies.

Leadership is not everybody's cup of tea but with experience, history advocates that many people have become great leaders. Leadership, I mean Creative Leadership indeed is all about creating a culture wherein every student surrounding you can lead some other students. It's all about a creating a culture, wherein everybody is free to think out of the box.

Recently there was a post on Facebook asking for help related to admission in VTU. I indeed have my own reservations on this. Let's try to understand the another aspect of this situation. It's always great to send them a letter explaining about the AeSI graduates who are leading many great organizations or the achievements of AeSI graduates. BUT how about having a meeting with the VTU heads ?

The situation could have been killed on the spot at the initial level itself, if the very first student would have been able to showcase the value of The Aeronautical Society of India. He could have awaken the leader inside him and explains the greatness of AeSI. It's all about leadership.

With MyAeSI blog, we always recommend you to respect your degree. Whenever you're going for an interview, answer each and every question in such a way that it should reflect your leadership skills. If somebody asks you about AeSI, so create a brand impact in such a way that in the future, when he has 100 resumes, so he select the one who is from AeSI. The brand image should be so high that he should think 100 times before saying 'NO' to any candidate from AeSI.

Happy Leadership.
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