Monday, October 20, 2014

Know Your Self

What is the most difficult job in the word..?

And most easy job in the word..?

 if I tell you that both are same than..?

 what will you tell...?

The most difficult as well as most easy job is to know our own self ,what is our inner calling..? In the word of cyberspace where we are connected to every one at the fingertip it has become very difficult to know our own self has been difficult to know our own self unless and until we talk to our own self on regular basis...we must spent at least 10 minutes a day to think about our own self and ones we knew what we want and in what we will find happiness half the battle is won...but more difficult part is to complete other half part.

It requires courage and patience to follow our own heart. hope this had helped you ..

Thanks for reading.

Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar
M.Tech.(aero)-IIT Kgp

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