Friday, July 25, 2014

Few points on sending resumes for AeSI grads

Have you sent your resume for the contract engineer in DRDL/DRDO?

Many resumes were sent and one of the résumés and cover letter that got the maximum reaction had all the classic mistakes that we have been talking about In this blog. 

Here are some general common sense suggestions for the sending and responding to such requirements. 

1. First of all be professional.  If someone is soliciting resumes, he or she is doing a favour for fellow aesi students.  Don't dis respect that. Be courteous and professional. 

2. Send a well crafted, requirement centric résumé. Not something generic. Work on the résumé and send something that states your value toward that particular requirement. 

3. Don't state your percentage in the résumé unless its specifically asked for.   This one is applicable specially for AeSI grads. 60%, 68% might look good if its compared only with aesi but when you are competing with other engineering grads, this numbers don't really help.  So swallow that pride and keep them as need to know basis. 

4. As I said earlier on this blog, no one owes you a job, you have to earn it. And the best way to earn is by showcasing your value through skills and knowledge. The degree you have gives you a foot at the door into the corporate world. But it's your skills and application of knowledge that actually gets you to the finish line. 

5. One year experience and working somewhere for a year or less doesn't make you an expert. Remember this. Unless you have worked on similar work for more than 3+ years, don't boast of expertise. 

Remember this next time you are sending a résumé.

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