Sunday, October 19, 2014

Master Tip for Job Hunt

Are there any jobs in Aerospace..?
I did three mistakes in my life ....1st I took engineering ,2nd is aeronautical engineering and last one is AeSI.
This is what one of my reader told me  but I do not agree with him.

Let me try to explain it here....In this competitive world  its very important to get start our career from anywhere.

Finding a job is like finding a seat in a crowded bus where everyone wants to have seat but most of passengers will wait till the next stop come so someone vacate the seat and he/she capture the seat but you know there are some smart passengers ,even though there is no space to seat they will ask the co passenger to move and in 90 % case he/she gets succeeded to get a place to seat .

It just requires a little attempt.

Even if there is no job in any organization ,you should try to convince interviewer that you will add value to their organization .If job is not there than ask for paid internship ,if its also not there than ask for unpaid internship but somehow manage to have place in the organization .once you are inside it's all upto you how much big you can make out of this.

Have similiar experience...?

Please do share with us in comment section.

Thanks for reading,

Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar
M.Tech.(aero)-IIT Kgp

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