Friday, October 24, 2014

4 Reasons : Why You Should Write

Reason 1 : Writing makes your mind sharper...when you are writing anything ,it makes your mind to think in depth which finally results in such output we got surprise about it.
Reason 2 :Writing makes us to search for the information .we may look for different sources and our knowledge gets improved .
Reason 3 : It makes your BRAND.when you are writing something don't just write ,publish it on any platform like blog or be a guest author on any website .when others are reading your article ,your article create an image about you in their mind so always be sure what you are writing and it can add value  or not.
Reason 4: You can change world .it gives immense satisfaction when your reader approaches you and say that how your article had benefited him/her...
BONUS TIP : if you don't know what to write...? just have pen and paper and let write whatever comes in your don't need to be an expert or great philosopher to write can share your life experience or whatever you have learnt.
A Request : why don't you try writing by sharing with us any of your AeSI experience/industrial experience/job interview...? for my EBOOK for AeSI. Credit for article will be given to you only.
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