Wednesday, August 20, 2014

AeSI June 2014 result-out

Dear Friends,

First I would like to congratulate to everyone who had completed degree or passed paper and in case you had not passed exam as per your expectation than please don't get disappointed because a better future as well as a better result is waiting for you but for the time being get relaxed ,analyse what went wrong,what you can go to avoid it. 

Once you clear AeSI you will feel that the you have won a very big battle of your life and I must say as you had not left AeSI and you were determinate through your journey of AeSI and strived ,challenged ,pushed your limits so in future you will never ever give up in any condition .I must say that AeSI gives the training at-least it did for me.

Joy of clearing one paper was more than clearing GATE for me and I am sure that completing M.Tech from IIT kharagpur will not give me as pleasure I had got when I completed AeSI.

Once again Congrats to all and also let me know about your result in comment section.

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Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar

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