Monday, September 08, 2014

How to avoid facebook addiction and start studying...?

Many times it do happens that we start surfing net and we don't feel anything to do other than net surfing.Our whole day just get  passed on surfing the net and at the end of the day when we ask our self..

 what we got today...? 

what we had learnt today ...?

Answer we got is....just simply wasted our time and didn't achieved from that day.

I too was facing the same issue. Even though I wanted to avoid this but was not able to control ,might be you also has faced the same thing.

So,question is how to overcome this and put our mind at something constructive work rather than making our mind a slave of Facebook.

I had discussed this with Mr Mohan (Ph.D. scholar ,aero dept,IIT kharagpur) and I got a very nice answer from him.The answer is as follows..

In the morning our mind is full of energy as you just had waken up by taking enough rest so  you start your studies or work .just ignore Facebook surfing as it takes a lot attention and eventually energy gets drain away So better to surf net or use Facebook at night before sleeping so that you can utilize your maximum energy. "

I did this and felt the difference...

Have you faced the same ...?

how did you overcome or still the Facebook slave..?

Share with us your views...


Modi Priteshkumar Mahendrakumar

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