Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teach and Learn


Let's do it

The best way to really learn something is to teach it to someone.

Well then here's a proposal to each of you guys visiting/reading this blog.

Let's start teaching.

The idea is to create a PowerPoint / video or document on any topic that you are studying and post it online for anyone to read and learn. The doc can be of any kind and on any topic that you choose but with the sole aim to teach something.

The Ground Rules:
1. Create the material focusing on one single topic at a time.
2. It should actually teach. The aim should be that if our grandmother reads or viewed it she would understood the subject.
3. Make it brief.
4. It should be sharable via google docs.
5. Send me the link for the via comments

What's the benefit to you?
1. You will learn the subject better and will never forget it again.
2. You will have the joy of helping someone.
3. You are sharing your insight with the world.
4. You are creating an asset you can have bragging rights about.
5. Creating this will help improve your presentation and communication skills.

So are you game? Are you willing to take on the challenge?

I will create a separate page on this blog to showcase all the material that will be submitted.

As an additionally motivation, the person to contribute the maximum number will get a prize from me by the end of the year.

So let's do it.

Any question/suggestion or comment shoot me an email.

#teachandlearn #myaesi

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