Thursday, August 09, 2012

Strategy to clear Principle of Flight exam.

I'm noticing frequent messages/posts from students & teachers seeking advise regarding strategy to clear/teach Principle of Flight. Candidates are worrying a lot because AeSI surprised everyone by last year's question paper. Isn't it ?

I remember my old days when my grand father used to narrate stories of Ali Baba & Shek Chilli to me. Even though I don't remember the stories which I read in my book but I remember each & every story shared by my grand father.
I do understand that being a student, reading the history of flight will make you sleep but I'm confident that if any teacher will narrate it like a grand father so you'll remember at least 60% of it in the examination hall.

1) Say your teachers to be grand father and narrate the history of flight as a story to you once in a week.
(I'm sure it'll help you to answer unexpected questions.)
2) Principle of flight is a subject where the way you answer does matter a lot.
- Make diagram in every reasoning.
- Don't forget naming each part of the diagram.
- To the point answer will help you in getting more marks.
- Rather than answering continuously in a paragraph, make points and answer accordingly.
- Use flow charts, graphs and other methods to answer in a better way.
3) Collect all modified syllabus question papers of Principle of Flight, Write all reasoning in a separate note book. & Practice it as many times as possible. Don't practice it orally, Try to write and check it yourself.
4) Truss : It is very important & simple as well. Devote a week for this topic & practice as many questions as possible. It is a part of the paper where you may get full marks.
5) Give examples in support of your answer.
6) Many students follow tradition of not preparing for "Aircraft Systems". But the reality is that it is the most easiest unit of this paper. Use your available resources & have a better command on Aircraft Systems as well.
7) Follow the above 6 points without failure.

Besides it don't forget to check "Key to clear AeSI".
In case if you want to add-on something, so comments are welcome. Let's discuss !      

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