Thursday, August 02, 2012

Silent Killing Of An Engineer And Baking Cakes

I received this following late night email. It was a long email, i have truncated it for privacy reasons.

Reading this i felt sad. But the point raised in this rant email were very genuine. Before we go forward, please read the following.


It's been more than 60 days, I'm sending my resume to different companies, approaching various project managers and business leaders of aviation & aerospace industry. I used to ask my friends who are recruiter in various companies about my resume and seek advise for modification to attract. I've used the all available sources like the recommendation letter, power of written communication and a lot........... Finally at last it's what I call the silent killing of engineering attitude and an engineer. I am still up because someone says that winners don't quit and Quitters don't win but each day I go to bed, I used to cry and pillow becomes wet because of the limit of my patience.


I think this is an universal stage that all AeSI graduates, no almost all graduates pass through. The stage when resumes do not fetch interviews and networking never pays.

After being in the industry, i have these following suggestions to everyone currently in this state.

1. Keep working. Career building is a marathon and not a quick sprint. Your career is like a train. You cant run it on a paved road, it needs tracks and they take time to show up. 60 days is not long enough.

2. In the beginning, it pays to be an aircraft than a rocket. Taxing on the runway is must. Rockets just dont last after their initial thrusts. Go slow. Build up the speed than shooting straight.

3. If a resume isnt working. Sleep on it. Change it. It might be missing the hook.

4. Build demonstrated skills. Skills that can be demoed. Skills that are out there on internet, for anyone to verify and check. Skills that make you stand out.

5. The greatest thing a graduate can do at this time is to build his or her skills. Aim to be the best in your domain. The most important component to skill building is putting the time to learn your craft. Unless you do that its near impossible to shine.

I am learning to bake cakes and i have ruined so many cakes in the process. My major mistake is taking out the cake too early. Not respecting the baking time.

Building a career and getting it on track is similar. You need that baking time.

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