Monday, August 06, 2012

How to prepare for AeSIAA SAM

AeSIAA student alumni meet is an opportunity. Opportunity to showcase yourself in a way you like to showcase to a recruiter. Its an opportunity to test the waters before entering the industry. Its an opportunity to to upgrade your behavioral skills.

(If you haven't registered for it so far,do so now by visiting this link )

So how are you planning to do this. What is your game plan? If you are watching Olympics then it should be perfectly clear to you that without a plan, any medal is out of reach. Same is true with life.

Plan ahead.

Focus on one genuine advantage you have. Keep it in the forefront. Let that make you shine.

I have said this innumerable times here, its not about you. Show what you have for them. Align your skills and talent to showcase how you can help.

And last and most important, your attitude. It defines the altitude you can attain. Positive, helpful and learning attitude can take you a long way.

Some specific do and don'ts

1. Be professional.
2. Keep a posivite attitude.
3. Learn from everything.
4. Know why you are going there.
5. Make a list of questions you want to ask. Strike out all but keep 3 main questions, you think no one will ask and are important.
6. Research your target companies and domain to know the current trend before hand.
8. Don't ask questions that a simple google search can answer for you.
7. Be a sponge. Soak every bit of input you can.
8. Don't sell your lament story. It never works.
9. Appearance and first impressions matter.
10. If you have a portfolio of work. Take it with you.

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