Monday, August 06, 2012

Soft Skills !

It's often said that hard skills along with education can get you an interview but you need soft skills to get shortlisted.
Isn't it ? Let's discuss why these behavioral skills are important and a lot.?
Mr. X did his M.Tech from IIT-Chennai but he still could not get the job of his choice during campus placement. It's because he lacks in soft skills. These skills include communication, listening, negotiation, etiquette etc. Even though they are behavioral skills which can't be taught but it can be developed through continuous training. Where there's a will, there's a way. So let's find the area of improvement, work on it and start making impressions in front of others.
Etiquette matters a lot in terms of creating impression among your team leader & business managers. Let's take an example Mr. A & Mr. B both are working with Jet Airways as a technician and are eligible for promotion. Mr. A got promoted where as Mr.B is still working as a technician. What do you think about the possible reasons for the same. According to me It's because Mr. A is good in soft skills.
These skills are very important. It is about how you stand, wait in queue, manage your time, respect others and a lot. These are noticeable factors but for others these are important. It will also benefit you in the long run. Even in small talks like saying your greetings makes a world of difference while creating an impression.

(People from Switzerland has a fabulous habit of greeting others in written communication, even they used to tell others about the weather of their city while sending any mail. & Trust me It really impressed me so many times.)
Let's start it from today because someone said that doing something is better than not doing anything.
Make a habit of proper Hand Shake with your business leaders, project managers, team leaders and seniors.
Make a habit of greeting others even in written communication.
Develop leadership quality along with the habit of creating new possibilities.
Try to find source of light even in darkness.
Have strong communication & behavioral skills.

Cheers !

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