Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AeSI and Job & other questions


Rahul has left a new comment on your post "Teach and Learn":

1. If modules like DO178B, V&V, LDRA etc are so important to work in Avionics stream then why the hell society still have 8051, Basic Language and all in it's MODIFIED syllabus. 8051 is no longer basic now. Why you people of AeSI Alumni Association don't do anything in this subject ?

2. I've read Himalya Bhaiya's post about a cost effective recruitment process at LinkedIn.. Why you people don't do anything to make it possible ?

3. I went to "Cranes & Software House" in Bangalore.. They told me that it's a 6-8 months course. Does it suit the personality of Aeronautical Engineer to sit jobless for another 6-8 months after degree ? Don't say that do it in last semester. as you must be aware that doing software and giving paper of aesi is a big game. society's paper are not like state board exam.


First of all. AeSIAA members are graduates of AeSI who have teamed up to form a formal association for the betterment of students and graduates of AeSI. We provide a platform. Since each voluntary member of AeSIAA is graduate, we dont remember or seek problem to solve. But if there's a request or issue, we help you to place it before AeSI. So if you have a query, formally write an email to AeSIAA and it will be taken forward. 

2. Recruitment. Each and everyone if us is trying to do a bit of wherever he or she can. But before we can confidently put AeSI graduates forward we have to make sure that the graduates are prepared. So in this vein, AeSIAA is taking steps to build confidence and teach presenting skills though workshops. and seminars This is the most basic need which will lead to better results than pushing an unprepared AeSI graduate to hr.

3. Don't tell me how big a game AeSI study is. But if you need job and that too just getting out of AeSI, start building skills. The knowledge you get in AeSI is just the mass but the skills you build are the acceleration that you have to have to generate any force or thrust. Remember F = m.a ! Unless you have both, job immediately after graduation will be tough. So start cultivating skills along side studying for AeSI.

Hope this answers your questions.



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