Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Key to clear AeSI !

I've received the below mentioned email from a student. I'm replying it here so that the reply can be accessed  by all the deserving candidates. I believe that students will find it worth following.
I *****(*****@yahoo.com) Student member of aesi of section A .
I hav just cleared 1 paper in 3 semesters.
Can you help me how to clear this papers as soon as possible.
actualy m not getting the key to clear out this papers.
Please help me i dunt want to waste my upcoming semesters.
Reply soon.
Yours faithfully,

1) Use social networking websites and ask seniors about recommended books for a particular subjects.
2) Make sure that you have at least 5 years question papers with you.
3) Spend a week, doing analysis on question papers and make a strategy accordingly.
- Which topics are very important ?
- Which topics are important for objective ?
- Which topics are important for long questions ?
- Which topics are important for numerical ?
and so on ...
4) If sources are available, so attend regular classes. Make proper notes.
5) Once you complete a chapter, Solve all the questions from last 5 years question papers.
6) Make a separate note book for objective questions. (It is very important & helpful as well.)
7) Discuss every topic within your friend circle. Let's have quiz and the below mentioned game.
- Make a group of 6 students.
- Collect 5 rupee per student.
- Plan a topic for the quiz.
- Play the game.
- Winner will get a Cold drink worth rs. 30.
8) Complete the syllabus before 20-30 days from the exams.
9) If possible, so make notes in your native language for reference purpose. It will be very helpful to revise everything before exams.
10) Study on regular basis.
11) Follow the above 10 points without failure.

& the very important thing is :
- Use diagrams, Flow Charts, Graphs to represent your answer in a better way & to get more marks.
- Rather than answering continuously in a paragraph, make points and answer.
- Believe in the lessons of Swami Vivekananda
"All power is within you, You can do anything & everything."

Cheers !  

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