Saturday, August 18, 2012

Important Information for Delhi Students !

I'm receiving frequent messages on various Social Networking platforms. Few of these messages are :
- It's been 4 semesters, I've cleared only 3 papers. 

- I've cleared 3 out of 4 but with 50 marks. 
- It's my 4th time I failed in Microprocessor & Thermodynamics. 

I'm habitual to see these problems in Delhi but trust me you'll find these problems comparatively less in cities like Chennai & Bangalore. I believe in finding out the solution rather than discussing on the problems.

Before going further I want to very specific that I don't want to hurt the brand value of any Institute but I want people to know the fact.
- Check out an interesting & helpful post "Key to clear AeSI" (Click Here)

- Don't give party to friends if you clear any paper with 50-59 marks. Clearing the paper with <60 marks will never help you in your future.
- In Delhi, You have options to clear Section-A with good marks but for Section-B, I'm sorry but It's not the right place. 
- Many institutes might say you to check the history of institute like There are 10 students who have cleared the degree from our institute or There are 100... But Ask them :
> How many have completed the degree with more than 60% ?
> How many have completed the degree with above 65% ? 
> Who was the teacher when he cleared the degree with 65%, Is he still teaching in the institute ? 

Do Analysis ! & let me glow light on some alternatives.

- Do you know that there is an organization "Institution of Electronic & Telecommunication (IETE)" and Sagarpur, Delhi is the best coaching place for it. 
- Even though the standard of IETE is comparatively less than AeSI but we have some common subjects like 
Engineering Mathematics
> Basic Electronics
Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
- You can take additional coaching of these subjects at Sagarpur and I'm confident that It'll help you a lot.
> In Sagarpur, You'll find so many institutes who are running business in the name of education so Select the best institute before getting yourself enrolled for a particular subject. The fee might cost you around 2000/subject.
Moreover Be aware of Fraud Institutes. Please check a post on it (Click Here).

We are not recommending any institute. In case if you need any clarification on it so you may send an email to Team-My Aesi at 

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