Friday, August 10, 2012

Initiative Vs Result !

I've read this comment somewhere at AeSI Alumni Association's official page at LinkedIn
"I got a problem for my Visa for germany. Those german people were very confuse after seeing my Aeronautical Society degree certificate and finally they they did not approve me Visa. 
It is really paining, even after finishing degree we are unable to get par from its black patch and always get stuck here or there." by Devendra Rathore.

Henceforth I've taken a little initiative to promote the brand value of Aeronautical Society of India and posted the below mentioned information on several groups including "Hire an Avionics & Embedded System Team in India"

Result of this initiative :

I'm sure that the list will go on & in the future, there will be more companies which will know about Aeronautical Society of India and it's brand value. It's just the starting & we have to travel a lot. Expecting more people to come forward to shake hand with such initiatives. 

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