Sunday, January 02, 2011

Supporting structures

They are building an over-bridge on the road next to our area. Construction had began a few months back.

The actual work is going on now, but the pre work, securing the place, creating by pass roads, erecting supporting structures have began way back at the start of the year.

Now the slabs and the cement work is in full swing and I am sure they will finish the work by the scheduled time.

Why don't we apply the same technique for completing our resolutions and goals?

At the start of the year we decide some resolutions like to get fit and we start. And loose the steam just a week or month later.

Why not create supporting structures like the people in construction industry do?

Why not erect our own bamboos just the way it's done for building homes, before the actual work begins.

A little pre preparation on your goals ( resolutions) can go a long way.

If your resolution is to study more, make plan to fix a time for it. Support the resolution with necessary details of keeping the books you want to study close by, deciding what to study and fixing the time.

Once everything is ready, rest is just a matter of following the plan.

So if you have written some resolutions for yourself, make sure you build some solid support for achieving them. Think what changes you can implement in your surrounding to help you reach your resolution.

Have a success filled new year!!

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