Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MAV workshop announcement from AeSIAA

Let me break up our regular programming for an important MAV workshop

If I get a chance, I would definely be a part of this.

So without further delay, here's the actual announcement.

Dear Friends,

AeSIAA has received a proposal to organize a one day workshop that
would explain the theory of ornithopters, bird flight, control systems
and also feature hands-on session under the guidance of Nathan
Chronister. Nathan Chronister is CEO of the Ornithopter Zone. Nathan
Chronister has 20 years of experience in ornithopter research, and the
company he founded provides model kits and supplies for students and
hobbyists and conducts training sessions all over the world.
His website is www.ornithopterzone.org

In the workshop, each attendee is given a customised kit and tutored
on building and flying of the ornithopters. Practical applications for
ornithopters could include both manned and unmanned aircraft. Some
manned ornithopters have made successful flights.

Since time is short, we are expecting the enthusiastic people who wish
to attend this to respond quickly so that a initiative can be taken to
organize this through our association.

Expected date: February 21(Mon) or 22 (Tuesday)
Expected fee ( per participants): Rs. 1000 (each participants will get
a kit)
Expected venue: Bangalore

Please let me know whether we can take up this programme during
February final week. I have also attaching a poster of a similar
program conducted during September last year by Jain college for your

Please reply back in case you like to participate in this. Initiative
will be taken based on response (Min 50 participants). This will a
post semaa-2010 activity and you are requested to address your mails
to convener.semaa @ gmail.com


So hurry, email at the mentioned email so that we can put the wheel in

The workshop is for you and you have to take action.

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