Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Don't take a recession salary and 2 other tips for recent AeSI graduate!!

Taking forward the last post on recent graduates, in this particularly small post I would like to point 3 things that AeSI graduates should do.

Most of them just do the opposite! These mistakes if avoided will help you in your long term success.

1. Go to every walk in and all job opportunities that come your way. Don't assume. Just go. Show up. You will always learn something and if it's your day, you might land up with a job!

2. Don't take-up whatever is available without looking at your interests!! Yes for long term success and happiness, your interest is important. Yes money will always play a good role, but before that access yourself and then accept the offer.

3. If its not recession, don't take a recession salary? Know what is the current state of the market. Ask someone in the industry about the range and take that. Any compromise you do now, joy might regret latter.

Well that's it. Do you have anything to add, your comments are always welcome. Please use the comment field!!

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