Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Focus and goals.

Of all the goals or resolutions that I have set for myself, I have been really really interested and excited about one of them. And needless to say that goal is getting my undivided attention.

I am regularly following it up. I remember it and put in the minimum time I have allotted to it. I measure it and I am seeing improvement in it.

Now here's a curious thing, that I have noticed.

My progress on the goal is good but along side it's dragging my other goals with it. My enthusiasm for this particular goal is carrying over to other goals and progress in them is also going north.

Even though my motivation for some of the goals is minimum when I take them alone but the by concentrating on one really loved goal has rubbed up positively on all aspects of my life.

So the point is, if this is happening for me. This will happen for you too. Going ahead in one area of life will surely benefit other areas of your life. So if your resolutions and goals for this year are slacking, you might see a boost if you pick a favorite and focus on it.

Try it.

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