Sunday, January 02, 2011

Look beyond the periphery

A few days back I meet a guy who is doing some fortran work in a govt agency as contract engineer!

It seems he has been doing this task as a contract engineer there for 6 months. His task is to develop the tool being created there. He took the task from a previous guy and is now the owner of that task.

He proudly mentions this job in his resume, but when I talked to him and asked him about his task and especially about fortran, he was blank.

He is coding in fortran but he knows next to nothing about it. He knows how to change and use do loops and if statements but nothing else.

He is blank when you ask him about common, shakes his head when you ask about column major and row major.

This i think is the problem that most of the folks doing training and first time jobber have. They don't learn the periphery of their jobs. They do there assigned tasks and leave it there.

Learning more and getting better at what they are already doing never enters their mind. Most concentrate on doing something else apart of getting better knowledge on what they are already doing.

So if you are in the similar stage, please please concentrate on the work you are doing. Master it, learn from it. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but do remember it's your side that will count.

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