Friday, January 21, 2011

Entropy always increases

Let me start with this.

Remember this, whatever be the process entropy always increases.

It's interview season in office and every other day you hear a story of one or other interview.

If a mechanical or civil engineering graduate is not able to answer basic fundamental thermodynamics questions, we ignore it. But when an aerospace graduate and more so an aesi graduate falters in basic thermo questions. It's a matter of shame for that guy!!

Similar thing happened in a recent interview. An aerospace graduate (not an aesi guy) was interviewed for gas turbines. The guy fumbled in brayton cycle, in efficiencies and other typical gas turbine interview questions.

Thinking he is in from industry so he might have forgotten some of it, the interviewer shifted the question to basic thermodynamics and asked what will happen to entropy in compression process.

The guy fumbled and he answered "it will decrease"

An aerospace graduate and that too giving an interview to work on gas turbine performance and you don't know what happens to entropy. There was something seriously wrong.

The aerospace graduate who had 75% in his degree was dumb. Clearly he was not selected.

And the last thing he was told was "Remember this, whatever the process entropy always increases "

The point of this big post is, get your fundamentals right. Even if you don't have tools-knowledge, right skills or great experience, don't ever falter in the fundamentals.

AeSI might not have given you much exposure, many hands on training opportunities, but what it grinds in you is fundamentals. So learn them and internalize them.

These are your ropes to climb to a job. Strengthen them. And remember entropy always increases....

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