Saturday, January 15, 2011

Breaking inertia

After a few days of good posting and setting up a momentum, an external routine change brought everything to a stop.

One day I didn't post and then the next day and then the next, it continued and I realized I was in a rut of inertia.

For a couple of months I have been observing how difficult it becomes once I loose the momentum. The inertia restricts getting into the previous mode.

So over the years I have seen these three techniques valuable in conquering inertia.

1. Time yourself for a simple task. For example to break my posting inertia, I set a timer for 7 mins and then allow myself to write whatever comes to my mind. This initial jolt of action usually does the trick.

You can employ it to break your non study inertia, to set your routine to include some fortran learning or something more specific to your need.

2. Take up the simplest task and do it. If the project is overwhelming, then take up the simplest task related to it and resolve to work on it in next 10 mins. Notice I haven't mention complete it. I said work on it. Make a huge difference.

For my current personal project, I am building a patron neural file reader, and to curb the inertia that has developed because of my break from it, I sat down and just choose to do the simplest task of writing a flow chart for what I need to do.

3. Change your activity. If the activity is indoors. Go do something outdoors. If it's computer related, do something non computer related. Just changing the context for sometimes helps you crumble the inertia.

These were the techniques that has helped me curb being stuck in inertia.

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