Monday, January 10, 2011

Advice to Avionics Stream AeSI graduates

A few days back, I received this following query.

"Sir, I have given last three exams of Aesi and from avionics branch. As my degree is going to complete, I want to know what other things i learn which is helpful in my future like some languages which are required in avioncs branch."

So I directed the question to Mr. Rituraj. He ,in my opinion, was the best person to answer this query. His being from the same stream helps!!

Mr. Rituraj was kind enough to take some time out of his already busy schedule and here is his reply.

"My advice for avionics graduates on langauages/tools will be to learn 'C'/MATLAB/Simulink in depth. If MATLAB is not available one can download PsiLAB freely. An avionics engineer can go into three streams: Control, FMS and Communication. They should not hesitate to start their career with Systems V&V and then slowly move to design & development."

Thank you Mr. Rituraj!!

I hope this will help avionics graduates coming from AeSI!

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