Sunday, January 09, 2011

Resolutions(goals) for 2011

I like to call my resolutions as goals with one year time frame.

Having goals mean you're trying to be better. You want to improve.

And what better way to commit to a goal than making it public. So I will list my 4 goals for this year. If you are into this, please post your goals for 2011 in comments.

Recently I posted a review of my goals of 2010 and this years goals originate from the 40+ books I read last year because of one resolution for 2010!

So here we go.

1. As always, keep posing one post a day to this blog. Hope I get enough material and have something useful to say. My inspiration for this goal is Seth Godin, who has posted in his blog for the last 5+ years without missing a single day!! Amazing! You should follow his blog at

Along side this I will be more active on my personal blog and would like to post at least one post per week!!

2. Last year I read 40 books, this year my aim is to read at least 30 non fiction books. I have reduced the goal to enjoy and get some time to reread some of the books I have already read!!

3. No TV. I did this partially last year and this had gave me good hours to work on my personal side projects. So this year I am aiming to reduce it much further. Will utilize the time gained in 4 personal projects I have lined up for 2011!!

4. Building discipline. Whatever be the goal, whatever be the target, Discipline always triumphs will power. So will do many small tasks daily to build discipline. Like excising daily, keeping desk clean, running, eat healthy etc

So there they are, 4 simple goals that I would like to pursue in 2011!

Now it's your turn to commit!!

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