Monday, January 17, 2011

Projects build skills

As I posted links to tutorials on fortran, I received a query from someone asking about projects he can do in fortran.

First, if you are in propulsion, I have this couple of off hand list of things you can program once you have completed the tutorials.

1. Make a gastubine cycle design program
2. Create a program to generate ISA
3. Create a program to convert cartesian coordinates to polar cordinates
4. Create a program to take NACA airfoil number and generate aerofoils
5. Create a program that takes an IGES file as input and write out the the node coordinates and element topology in csv format.

I did most of this programs when I was learning fortran and c.

The point i trying to make is that a project is what you make of it. You don't need to write a 1 lakh line software. Do simple stuff that are available around you. Find some problems. Solve them using the knowledge you have acquired.

That's the real project and that's where real learning will happen.

Working on dedicated, focused projects build skill. So finish your tutorial fast and start some small projects.

And last of all, share what you make.

Will talk more about sharing in a latter post.

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