Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 things to remember while in an interview.

Being in an interview is like giving a driving test. There's lot of
similarities between this two tasks and lot can be learned if you
think it this way.

Streering wheel.
In am interview, you are at the steering wheel. You steer the
interview not your interviewer. He/she might start it but you have the
control to steer it to your comfort and strength zones.

Follow the road rules.
Just like on road, interview is not free form riding. Follow the rules
of curtesy. Listen to the questions. Understand what is asked. Then
reply. Blazing all about your accomplishment with no regard to what
is been asked will take you no where!!

Sudden acceleration and brakes won't help you.
Give a smooth ride. Sudden busts of excitedness and dullness can ruin
the interview. Be consistent in what you have written in the resume
and what you are telling in the interview.

See the bends.
Just like roads, interviewer will not give you straight roads. He will
throw in some bends. Make sure you know understand them. Just like at
real bends, in an interview slow down and think before you answer.

Stop at red signals.
Interviewer expressions and manners are the signals you should look
at. They are there for you to guide your way. Stopping at red signals
and moving at green is the only way.

Hope this fresh look at the interviewing process will cement the
correct mannerisms that one needs.

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