Monday, October 04, 2010

6 tips for learning a new software tool.

Learning a software tool is an essential part of AeSI life. Some do it
while studying, some like me get to do it in their training days.

But whenever you are doing it, keeping this 6 rules in mind can help
you get maximum out of your tool learning experience.

1. Read the documentation fully
Before begining, have a through read on the documentation. You will
not understand everything but will get the bigger picture of what the
tool is and what is it doing.

2. Choose one set of tutorials.
For each software tool there are infinite number of tutorials, but at
the initial stage, one should choose only one and stick with it.

3. Linger longer on each exercise
Don't race through the tutorials. Think and explore. Linger longer on
one set of tutorials.

4. Explore extra.
Explore extra. Once you followed the tutorial. Explore the new things
you learnt. Look at the dialog boxes that were introduced to you.
Click on other buttons that the tutorial was silent about. In short

5. See the big picture.
Remember, softwares are just the tool. Tool for you an engineer, to
make decisions on. Use the tool like a tool. Then make an engineering
judgement. See the bigger picture of why the analysis/design is done
the way it is.

6. Initially shoot for quantity. Then chase quality.
When starting go for the number of hours you tinker with the tool not
on the number of components you design. Go for the number of simple
truss like analysis than just doing an all wing modal analysis.

Quantity should be your aim. Chasing quatily at the begining is like
trying to run before you have mastered walking.

Hope these tips helps you in your tool learning experience.

Do let me know if you want to add something.

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