Thursday, October 28, 2010

Semaa 2010 a review from a student attendee

Was clearing my email backlog and read this. It made my day. Reminds
me why I have joined aesiaa. It is moments and reactions like this
that AeSIAA is working towards.

So without further adieu here's the mail.

Respected Alumni,

Firstly I wish to thank each and every member of the AeSI Alumni
Association for their dedication in organizing the informative and
inspiring (for us AeSI students) seminar on Saturday at NAL.

Right from the first words of Shri P.S.Krishnan, DS & Director- ADE on
the challenges faced by AeSI students during the length of their
course and the perseverance and success story of AeSI alumnus Shri T
Mohana Rao, Director- GTRE to the interactive session between the AeSI
Alumnus and students(especially this part) was a boost to our morale
in pursuing this degree with much more enthusiasm and inspiration.I
truly believe that every AeSI student present yesterday would agree
with me.

I only hope that the issues placed before the Panel members by AeSI
students, like the admissions to IIT's and IISc and the 'reference'
for projects at various Govt Labs would be looked into by them.

Finally from all the AeSI students here in Bangalore, we wish AeSIAA a
long life and the very best for all their future endeavours and we
assure you that we will also show active participation throughout.

Thank You,

Raghunandan A Rao

Thanks Raghunandan for sharing this with us.

Have you attended the seminar, share your reactions in comments.

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