Saturday, October 02, 2010

Aerospace News Dashboard on MyAeSI


Staying informed is the key. Knowing what's happening in your industry, in your area of expertise is important. With this age of information and fast changing pace, its important to be on the top the things that are happening in your industry.

During my AeSI and NAL days, i scoured the net and used all the info that NASA’s website and NAL’s pasteboard provided..

At that time, the choices were limited but now the choice has exploded. Numerous sites provide tons of information.

To track all the new things happening in Indian aerospace one needs to peep into so many sites, so i build an app using Google technology and today i am unveiling it to myaesi readers..

Its a one page aerospace news dashboard, that updates itself and harnesses Google's awesome power..

You can have a look at it via this link.. or by visiting myaesi website..

Aerospace News Dashboard

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